Benefit 4.1 EA For FREE Download [Update]

4 min readJun 10, 2024


Benefit EA is a fully automated EA usually being sold for 700$. This EA Work based on a non-indicative flexible grid algorithm with special entry points that provide a statistical advantage revealed through the mathematical modeling of market patterns.

There are multiple settings for professionals and a flexible system of settings for different trading styles. Benefit EA 4.1 does not use stop loss. All trades are closed by take profit or trailing stop. It is possible to plan the lot increments.

There are buttons for semiautomatic trading. Using the buttons, it is possible to block the operation of one or both trade directions. Text notifications on the trade blocking status are available.

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  • Minimum balance of 250$ cent account or equivalent standard account
  • Work Best on M15 Timeframe (also good on M1, M5, H1)
  • Recommend running this free forex Benefit v4.1 EA 24/5 on a VPS with a latency below 100ms (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS — FXVM)
  • Low Spread ECN account is also recommended (Find the Perfect Broker For You Here)

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Base settings

  • New_Cycle — enable/disable opening order series in cycles
  • MAGIC — magic number, should be changed if the EA is used on multiple currency pairs on the same account
  • Slippage — Forex price slippage, the default value is 3. Do not change the value unless you know what you are doing
  • Max_Trades — the maximum number of orders opened in a series (Max 17)
  • Max_Lot — the maximum lot size

TP settings

  • TP Buy — Take profit level in points for closing Buy positions
  • TP Sell — Take profit level in points for closing Sell positions
  • Trailing_Start — level in points to activate Trailing
  • Trailing_Size — the number of points for trailing the Trailing_Start level or for closing

Risk Reduction System

  • RRS — enable/disable the Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_oOrder — number of an order in a series to activate the Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_cOrder — number of an order in a series to deactivate the Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_TPTake profit in points for closing orders corresponding to the Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_Trailing_Start — level in points to activate Trailing for orders of the Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_Trailing_Size — the number of points for trailing the RRS_Trailing_Start level of the Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_Profit_Percent — tool for exiting a prolonged drawdown (70–90% recommended)

Buy and Sell settings

  • Step_Buy(Sell) — step for opening a new order in a series in points
  • Step_Coef_Buy(Sell) — increase coefficient of the step for opening subsequent orders
  • Step_Coef_Start_Order_Buy(Sell) — number of the order to activate Step_Coef_Buy(Sell)
  • Step_Mass_Buy(Sell) — the default step for opening orders (in points), if Step_Coef_Buy(Sell) is equal to 0
  • Min_Lot_Buy(Sell) — the minimum lot size of the first order
  • Lot_Exp_Buy(Sell) — lot increase coefficient of Min_Lot_Sell for the subsequent orders

Time filter settings

  • Time_Filters — enable/disable working within the specified time intervals

The “Time Filter” function is set according to the internal time of the terminal as per the displayed time of the instrument’s server, not the operating system (can match). This function allows for 100% automation of the trading process, without manual intervention and management (if every technical aspect is working properly and as intended). The “time filter” status is displayed as a text in the upper left corner of the trading window.


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Updated on 2024/06/10

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